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Below we have outlined the various classes and dance types available at the American Dance & Drama Studio. We offer different divisions of learning;

1. Classes for recreation and professional training who have the option of performing in our end of the year dance recital.

2. Dance company for competition and other performances – Award Winning Dance Company.

3. Hip Hop Dance Company – to perform in competition & Theatre events – Award Winning Company.

4. Professional Dance Company that develop projects for theatre, Broadway & film.

5. New York based Acting company – American Repertory Theatre Ensemble performs in Manhattan and other locations which involves our children in performances and back stage craft.

6. Vocal competitions – available with private and group training.

7. Acting, Gymnastics, Acrobatics & Musical Theatre – look under classes.

8. Adult Section – includes Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballroom / Latin, Zumba, Belly Dancing – look under schedule. No contracts & No registration.

9. Triple Threat Classes – a concentrated learning, package of Dance, Drama & Vocal. Agents & Managers audition our children. Many have gotten jobs in commercials, T.V., Lion King (Broadway) and print work.


Make-up classes are offered only while the child is currently enrolled in the shcool. In case of snow or other emergencies please call in advance to make sure we are open. These classes can be made up. No refunds will be made.

Make-up Classes:

We offer 33 weeks of classes from Sept. 10th - June 12th. Two months payment is required upon registration. A 1 month trial period is given fromn the date of your first class. After that time period no refunds will be made.

Birthday Parties:

Visit the Parties Page for more info!One party at a time. 3000sq ft. Party room, Disco Dress Up, Princess, Gym, Crazy Craft, Moon Bounce, Cotton Candy and more! Ask for party brochure at front desk.


Holidays & Closures:

We offer 33 weeks of classes from September 10th - June 12th, including 1 day of dress rehearsal for those participating in our end of the year show.  When we are closed for holidays those classes are not counted into the 33 weeks and therefore do not have to be made up.


Bad Weather:

In case of a snowstorm please call the studio to see if classes are cancelled.  During weekdays we will have a message on our machine by 2pm and on weekends by 7am.  You will be given a makeup class if the class is cancelled.




Most important technique in Dance, a foundation for any type or style of Dance.


Children learn the basic positions of ballet. The class consists of movement across the floor, stretching, fairytales, instruments, and learning to follow directions and use their imaginations. Gym is added at the end where they tumble and jump in the castle. The perfect 1 hour class towelcome your child to the art of dance.

BALLET/TAP/JAZZ and/or TAP/JAZZ Ages 4-8 (1 Hour)

This is a combination class. The children begin with 30 minutes of tap, where they learn different rhythms, and peform toa combinations. It is followed by 20 minutes of basic beginner ballet and ends with jazz, with fast paced music and ubeat moves. All music is set to their favorite songs. We offer 4 levels of this class.

Ballet Sample Video

An extension of Ballet which rises you to your toes giving strength to your feet and body.

BALLET & POINTE Ages 6-Adult (1 Hour & Half Hour)

Graded Ballet Technique classes. Learn posture, poise, strength and placement, while ballet is the foudnation of all forms of dance.

Pointe Sample Video

A technique of floor work, and different levels, a technique with Ballet, Drama and its own vocabulary of movement, and use of the stage – spiral contractions, and prances, etc.

MODERN Ages 6-Adult

Martha Graham technique. This class begins with floor exercises. Modern is a mix between ballet and jazz with free movements.

Modern Sample Video

A free style of movement, improv.This needs a full vocabulary of dance.

Contemporary Sample Video

Broadway style, free movement used in Broadway shows and commercials – combination of Ballet, modern, and Folk dancing. Important to work professionally.

JAZZ Ages 6-Adult (1 Hour)

Leaps, jumps, turns, you name it! Broadway style dancing at it's best.

Jazz Sample Video

Slow movement from slow jazz with ballet and modern technique.

Lyrical Sample Video

A style used in Videos, Movies and Broadway.

HIP HOP Ages 4-Adult

Ages 5 - Adult. This class begins with a fun warm-up to the newest music, followed by stretches, and a combination at the end. Like you would see in your favorite music videos. The hottest trend of the year. Many different levels available.

Hip-Hop Sample Video

Metal on balls and heels that add rhythm plus body from jazz. Tap is very important for Broadway and Movies.

TAP Ages 6-Adult (1 Hour)

Beginning with a tap barre, followed by step across the floor and ending with a fun and energizing combination.

Tap Sample Video

Latin, Tango, Salsa, Mambo, Meringue, Samba, Rumba, Disco, Swing, Lindy, Jitterbug, Hustle, Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha & Hip-Hop.

Our teachers have taught professionally all over Manhattan and were guest instructors on major cruise lines. They are also choreographers of commercials and Broadway shows.

In the beginning of each class there is a short review of the previous dances learned the week before. This way each person or couple will go home and remember the dances they are taught.At the end of the session you will have learned around 14 dances.Ball Room Couple

Each week 2-3 new dances are taught and then reviewed in the beginning of the next week's class.Our Tuesday evening class is a mixture of Latin and if requested Swing. Wednesday is our Swing night!!If your eyes turn green with jealousy as you watch the swingin' Gap commercial and your heels start to click, then this great class is just for you. Come and join our swing sensation, featuring all the hottest moves.

Couples and singles are welcome to join this dance revival and swing into fun and fitness. Join all people young and old, who are experiencing the joy, excitement and challenge of BALLROOM DANCING. Share the emotional and physical benefits. Experience the feeling of accomplishment. Become the envy of your friends when you dance at the next party. Engaged couples, anxious about their first dance as husband and wife, will surprise their wedding guests with their dancing ability.We also have Ballroom Socials on Saturday nights so you can show off what you have learned.

We offer private and semi-private lessons. We specialize in Wedding Dances months or days before your special day. Morning, afternoons and evenings available. 7 Days a week. Group classes are $110.00 for a 10 class card and $200.00 for a 10 class card for a couple.

Ballroom Prices:
$12.00 for a single class

Sign up for 10 weeks $110.00(only $11 a class)

Sign up with a partner for 10 weeks and it will only cost $200.00 for two people.

***Please ask for Fred or Cara

Eastern Dance.

Latin and American music with dance moves- Aerobic type exercise for adults.
Zumbatomic - same as Zumba but designed for children. Zumba & Zumbatomic teachers are qualified.

Warm-up exercise - stretches - floor work - cartwheel, handstands, Tumbling, Aerials, Walkovers etc. Balance Beam, Uneven Parallel Bars, Rings, Trampoline, Vaulting, etc.

Classes for 3 year ‘s old through adult.

Class placement is by age, ability & previous training.

Class time is 1 hour.

Creative Dance & Gym - 1 hour is available for 2 ½ through 4 year old.

Private and semi-private lessons are available on request.


Class placement is by age, ability and previous training. Class consists of warm-ups, stretches, floor work, balance beam, uneven bars, rings, vaulting & more!

Gymnastics Sample Video

Acting technique, scene study, monologues, relaxation, sensory exercises, objectives, actions, improve, and other techniques.

Cold readings, interviews, commercials, soap opera, 3 camera technique, discuss resumes, pictures.

A workshop rehearsal. A rehearsal process of putting on a musical plus acting scenes going into song and dance.

Dance, Vocal and Drama Classes – 3 classes to prepare you for the theatre and musical theatre – All techniques of acting and vocal are taught in these classes.

Private and group classes to develop your vocal instrument – Breathing, pitch and diction and placement of the voice. Technique exercises, breath control, and singing Broadway, T.V. classical and opera.

Vocal Sample Video

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Taught in all above classes.

A class for ages 1.5-2.5: This class features movement, music, gym, instruments and more. Dance to your favorite baby Mozart tunes, parachute, bubbles and so much more.

Company which guides students to franchised agents – and managers – and will help students get jobs in show business. Kids N Video makes no commission from the student.

We have a very extensive children’s program starting with Creative Movement, ages from 2 to 4. Dance based ballet, which will prepare your child for all types of dance. Taught rhythms, shifting of weight, balance and vocabulary of ballet. done in creative fun. We have combination class from age 4–8. Single classes in dance, drama, vocal and gym. All classes are graded.

Children Sample Video